Updates on Jim's deployment status. We hope you will share your thoughts and comments.

Monday, January 31, 2005

slim jim . . . guess the food is not so great!

I spoke with Jim on Tuesday. He has spent the past week in the field training. Except for a nasty cold, he sounds really good. Many of the guys have been sick over the past two weeks. I guess sleeping in the desert or as Jim said, "a tin can", doesn't do much for the immune system. The weather has been very cold and very windy. Not what most would imagine when you say you're heading to the desert. Jim feels very confident and prepared to handle what lies ahead. The camaraderie developed between the guys in the sniper platoon seems to be paying off.

I received an e-mail from Jim tonight. Phone communication and reception has been sporadic at best. When they are in the field the reception is almost non-existent. If they stand on one leg, with their left arm in the air and tilt their head just the right way, maybe they'll get reception for 30 seconds. The packages and letters sent are very well received. Just want to remind everyone to continue to send them over the next 11 months. If you are planning on sending out a letter or package I would suggest you do so by the February 12th.

The deployment date now seems to be pushed back towards the last week of February. There has been discussion on allowing the guys to have two days of liberty before they head off, although there is no official word. Vegas is where they may be heading. I can only imagine the scene and what that will be like. Any one heard of Puhrump? Ironic, Jim had to join the military to see Las Vegas.

Thank you again for your support. Keep praying and sending letters to Jim.


Brrrrr . . it looks cold!

Monday, January 24, 2005

Marine's Ball Posted by Hello

Welcome to Jim's Blog Site

Hello Everyone -

Upon the request of Mr. & Mrs. Alunni, I have helped set up this blog site to keep family and friends updated on Jim's status.

As you know, Jim was deployed on January 3rd. He left Cleveland for Camp Lejuene and is now in 29 Palms , California for training. It sounds as if Jim will be leaving for Iraq closer to mid Febrauray, rather than late February or early March. We recognize what lies ahead for Jim and hope you will use this site to share your thoughts - as he too will be reading the comments and updates.

There are many emotions experienced through the process of deployment. One thing I have learned in a very short time . . . it is extremely difficult to be the one "left behind"; and though we all feel a void with Jim away, everyone handles it in a different manner.

To all the friends and family that have been supportive to Jim and me over the past few months . . . thank you so much. Jim had mixed emotions upon his departure - he was ready to to do his job with the military, yet he recognized what he was leaving behind over the next year. To those who work with Jim at the Fire Department, he will miss the daily interactions with each of you. I know his greatest regret is that he won't be here to celebrate in the marriage of Todd and Amy come June. To his family . . . what can one say? For you are his rock.

Thank you all again for your continued support and prayers.

I'll do my best to keep you updated on his status.

With great gratitude - Cynthia

Mail takes one week. If you plan to send something to him in California, time is of the essence:

HM3 James Alunni H&S Co. 3/25
RCAX 9-13 3rd Bn, 25th Marines
Box 788700 MAGTF Training Command
29 Palms, CA 92278