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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

From the kitchen of . . . .Chef James

Hello Everyone -

Sorry for the delay in updating! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and enjoyed the love and company of your family.

Latest news comes in the form of an injury. While extracting from night maneuvers in the field Jim sprained his knee. Jim has been SIQ (sick in quarters) for the past week with his leg in a temporary cast. He is now on steroids and they seem to be helping. At this point, they are trying to avoid having to send him to another base for x-rays. Jim is frustrated, as the injury has kept him from the most recent mission with his platoon. Hobbling around on crutches doing odd jobs is about all is he allowed to do. He still sounds good, just frustrated.

Packages have finally started to arrive and are truly a highlight. Madelon (Jim's mom) has sent gourmet munchies such as breadsticks, bruschetta and other delicacies that have put a small dent in Jim's craving for good food. A chocolate Easter bunny sent by his co-worker's wife (Jodi) was gone in a flash! But the best story, one that had me highly amused . . . . . Madelon has sent Jim a mini microwave, olive oil, pasta, garlic and cooking utensils!! Something no good Italian boy should be without! Needless to say - "Jim's mom" is all they can talk about at the base. She is a hit for sending the microwave and goodies they all can enjoy. She is setting the bar high on what to send. I know Jim hates doing dishes, so I thought maybe I could send a dishwasher?

If you are interested in sending Jim a letter or package, please e-mail me at . I will double check to make sure I can provide the address (military concerns regarding safety).

I remind myself that every day that passes is one closer to Jim's return. Thank you for all of your support.


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