Updates on Jim's deployment status. We hope you will share your thoughts and comments.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Hey everyone . . . I received word from Jim that he's run out of those little cheese and crackers in a package and wants everyone to send lots more!! Okay - I'm just kidding.

Life at "The Hilton" didn't last long as he's been moved again back to "the dump" (as we like to refer to them). Although the move back is supposed to be temporary, it comes at a time when there is alot happening. I can honestly say it's the most concerned I've been since Jim has been in Iraq. Please keep your thoughts and prayers focused on him throughout this week.

Sorry this is so short . . .

Just keep e-mailing and sending mail to Jim.


Friday, April 15, 2005

me again

Well, supposedly some guys are getting in trouble, giving out too much infor on or business here, so I'll try to dance around that. I'm in Guam soaking up the sun with my platoon, we are planning for our next mission, to assasinate Robert Goulet....wait, he might actually be dead.

Obviously kidding. I have moved though, to much nicer conditions, at least as nice as they can be in Iraq. Our whole platoon is back together, it's great, it's all the brothers I've missed. So we're working on our living space between missions, building my kitchen so I can pull a Goodfellas and cook for thirty guys. We've grown a little, I'm not the only one that got injured. But the knee is better, I've been running on it, just getting used to the heat that seems to be coming really fast. Got lots of packages, most from mom, but lot's of little stuff from random people, including Barrett Christy, shes a professional snowboarder who's sending me swag, it's pretty cool. This deployment thing has it's subtle advantages. Word to those who may read, don't ever, EVER send those stupid orange crackers with peanut butter, who the hell decided we love those, they are everywhere!! Job number one upon returning to the US, go to the cracker factory and fire bomb it, at night of course. Okay, that's all for now, it's 0639 and I've been up all night, time to sleep the day away.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Okay, Cyn thinks I should try to update myself. Iraq stinks, but it's a warzone to be expected. Myself and my guys are getting along well, just doing our jobs, seein different things every day. Not sure where will end up soon, talk is different every day. Until then, just happy to be with my guys, it's like a little frat, even though I hate frats. Spirits are high and we look forward to getting out there.