Updates on Jim's deployment status. We hope you will share your thoughts and comments.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Forever grateful

As you can see from Jim's posting, he is back safe and sound. With everything that transpired last week and with the loss of so many from the Lima company, we are truly relieved he's back at base. I had the chance to speak with Jim today for quite a long time. He was due to head out for another 48 hours but it got postponed until tomorrow.

Last week I lost my cousin in a car accident on Mother's Day. It reminds you of how fragile life is and how devestating a loss can be. I thought about the men and women whom have chosen to put their own life's at stake in the name of The United States of America. Sometimes the commitment they've made seems beyond comprehension . . . then I remember the days of September 11th. It was the unexpected loss of the thousands in the World Trade Towers and the nations grief that motivated many of our guys to join the military in support of this country. A way to grieve and recognize that unbelievable day. In return for their sacrifices, I can only offer my continued love and support for the guys . . . just as with my own family during this time of loss.

I hope you are all well and thank you for your comments, e-mails and continued support for Jim.

Please be sure to read Jim's posting below.



Just got back to Haditha from Al Qaim and Operation Matador, the biggest thing since Fallujah supposedly, out first taste of real combat. Not really all the fun it is in the movies, lots of boredome followed by intense action, it's just a job, I would actually rather be in the field now then back at base, the day sour interesting and time goes fast. We lost nine guys on the last op, that was not so good, but last reports say 170 something of the insurgents are now floating around somewhere trying to find their 72 virgins. So I can pretty much say we won that. After the first day they all tucked tail and ran to Syria, not very good warriors if you ask me, they just leave behind their pesky little IED's for us to try and find.

Also came home to 31 boxes of mail!!!! Thanks to everyone, if I had more tiem I'd list all the names, but I called mom and told her who to thank, I appreciate it all, as does the platoon, we share everything. That's all for now, gotta prep for the next mission, we're the most aggresive battalion to hit Iraq in over a year and we running these guys outta our area quick. Guess I'll sleep when I get home!!


Thursday, May 05, 2005

Word from Jim

Hello Everyone -

I spoke to Jim at 5:40am on Tuesday morning. He was back at base after being in the field for about a week. He had time to shower, sleep, grab some chow only to be advised he was being sent back into the field for another two weeks. Although we talked about the news and how bad things are there right now, he seemed okay about heading back out. According to Jim, anything is better than being stuck in the base with an injury and nothing to do.

Jim sounds good and his spirits are still holding up, although he can not wait to get back home. It was a wonderful opportunity to talk with him for more than 30 minutes. The call just made me realize how much I miss the daily interactions and mundane chats with him.

We laughed at his commrads reaction to the number of packages he receives, thanks in good part to his mom and dad! Funny how the strangest things can get a laugh amongst the platoon. I sent a box of 'MoFo' gum . . . just a gag . . . yet, got alot of mileage in the laugh department. He has befriended a bloke from New York (another dago!) who truly appreciates Jim's cooking, so much so that he has his family sending goods so Jim can cook some more! Hey Jim . . . how come I never got a sampling of your home cooked meal??

Jim mentioned the numerous letters he has recieved and especially from his high school friend, Alex. He loves reading them, yet feels guilty for not being able to respond like he would like to.

We closed talking about good food and wine. I promised him that when he returns we will have a blowout dinner at a favorite restaurant. I hope you all will plan to come!

Keep your thoughts and prayers flowing at this VERY scarey time. Pray that angels will surround and protect him.

Take care- Cynthia