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Friday, May 20, 2005


Just got back to Haditha from Al Qaim and Operation Matador, the biggest thing since Fallujah supposedly, out first taste of real combat. Not really all the fun it is in the movies, lots of boredome followed by intense action, it's just a job, I would actually rather be in the field now then back at base, the day sour interesting and time goes fast. We lost nine guys on the last op, that was not so good, but last reports say 170 something of the insurgents are now floating around somewhere trying to find their 72 virgins. So I can pretty much say we won that. After the first day they all tucked tail and ran to Syria, not very good warriors if you ask me, they just leave behind their pesky little IED's for us to try and find.

Also came home to 31 boxes of mail!!!! Thanks to everyone, if I had more tiem I'd list all the names, but I called mom and told her who to thank, I appreciate it all, as does the platoon, we share everything. That's all for now, gotta prep for the next mission, we're the most aggresive battalion to hit Iraq in over a year and we running these guys outta our area quick. Guess I'll sleep when I get home!!



At Friday, May 20, 2005 11:08:00 AM, Anonymous Jo said...


I was soo glad to hear from you. It had been so long since I heard your voice I was speechlees for a minute, and everyone knows it takes A LOT to make me speechless!

I'm glad you are well and enjoyed hearing about your travels. I look forward to seeing your 'new look'. If you and Moe ever get to the same base be sure to have him send some home. I know he misses having you around as well.

Please take care and will comm soon.

P.S. Maddie keeps trying to lick the mouse as I type, she must know it's for you! :)




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