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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Word from Jim

Hello Everyone -

I spoke to Jim at 5:40am on Tuesday morning. He was back at base after being in the field for about a week. He had time to shower, sleep, grab some chow only to be advised he was being sent back into the field for another two weeks. Although we talked about the news and how bad things are there right now, he seemed okay about heading back out. According to Jim, anything is better than being stuck in the base with an injury and nothing to do.

Jim sounds good and his spirits are still holding up, although he can not wait to get back home. It was a wonderful opportunity to talk with him for more than 30 minutes. The call just made me realize how much I miss the daily interactions and mundane chats with him.

We laughed at his commrads reaction to the number of packages he receives, thanks in good part to his mom and dad! Funny how the strangest things can get a laugh amongst the platoon. I sent a box of 'MoFo' gum . . . just a gag . . . yet, got alot of mileage in the laugh department. He has befriended a bloke from New York (another dago!) who truly appreciates Jim's cooking, so much so that he has his family sending goods so Jim can cook some more! Hey Jim . . . how come I never got a sampling of your home cooked meal??

Jim mentioned the numerous letters he has recieved and especially from his high school friend, Alex. He loves reading them, yet feels guilty for not being able to respond like he would like to.

We closed talking about good food and wine. I promised him that when he returns we will have a blowout dinner at a favorite restaurant. I hope you all will plan to come!

Keep your thoughts and prayers flowing at this VERY scarey time. Pray that angels will surround and protect him.

Take care- Cynthia


At Monday, May 16, 2005 11:25:00 PM, Blogger Ellita said...

Hey Jim:

All is well at CFFD. We have new foosball players which we are painting. Famous people, etc. There is a camo guy painted to represent you and Moe!

Stay Low and Be safe!



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