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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Everyone enjoying Jim's sauce. Looks like they're enjoying it!

Jim with Rev. Malmstrom and Vic Lewis - enjoying a little chow. Jim said he "slaved for 6 hours making sauce".

Thank you to everyone whom sent e-mails, cards or packages to Jim for his birthday! Jim was swamped with well wishes via e-mails and cards, which he really appreciated. It was hard to figure out something to do for his birhday, especially since he didn't feel like doing much celebrating. I decided to purchase a bunch of birthday cards which I dropped off at the station for everyone to sign. A week late I picked them up and sent them with a bottle of wine and a bottle of vodka. I couldn't be happier when he said both bottles made it there unscaved! The cards were a big hit and he said he lauged out loud as he read through them. Thanks to Elita Vedder, who sent Jim some cigars, Jim will be enjoying his wine with a cigar. (thanks Elita!)

True to Jim's style, he casually advised us that his Humvee was hit by a IED (improvised explosive device) this past week. No one was seriously injured but everyone was bumped and bruised. This news comes as a reminder of the dangers these guys face every day. The danger is real, even more so when they are simply patroling the streets. Roadside bombs, IED's . . . it's a language we have all become too familiar with these past few years.


Friday, July 01, 2005

You look like a monkey and you smell like one too!

As usual, I've been slow in posting. I have been fortunate to keep in touch with Jim on a regular basis, except when he's been in the field. There was talk of Jim being moved to another platoon and unfortunately, it's official (much to his dismay).

Jim has been reassinged to the Kabar 9 platoon, a mobile assault unit. With this platoon change has come a base change as well. Yep . . . he's departed the Hilton Haditha and is heading back to "the dump". Jim advised that he will spend 12 hour days on the road patrolling. This of course, is not the news one wants to hear with insurgents using IED's and roadside bombs to target the guys. With three months left to go, Jim has accepted his new assignment and keeps reiterating that he just wants to get home.

This year will mark the third year Jim has not been home for his birthday (July 20th). I've asked him repeatedly what he wants and all he says is "home". If you get a chance to send him a birthday e-mail over the next few weeks, I'm sure it would be appreciated. As you can imagine, he doesn't feel much like celebrating. Knowing Madelon (his mom) . . . she'll have something up her sleeve!

The attached photo is from Amy & Todd Dietzel's wedding. Todd made a beautiful toast in honor of Jim and how much he was missed in celebrating their wedding day.

Short and sweet folks. Just want you to know he's doing well.